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Find out about the impacts of the Financial Services Royal Commission.

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Compliance Advocacy Solutions provides compliance support to Insurers, AFSL holders, Authorised Reps, Distributors, Insurance brokers and Claim Service Suppliers  in meeting their compliance challenges including the raft of regulatory reform arising from the Government’s comprehensive reform agenda as part of its ”Financial Services Royal Commission Implementation Roadmap”.

In addition to the regulatory reform arising from the Financial Services Royal Commission, the landscape is constantly changing:

  • ASIC and APRA have recently released their Corporate Plans 2019-23 outlining a program of change including enhanced approaches to supervision and enforcement;
  • AFCA’s new fairness approach for customer dispute resolution; and
  • A new GI Code of Practice will be released in January 2020.

Our experience and knowledge enables us to offer compliance solutions that place the consumer at the heart of compliance and regulatory obligations to ensure that the conduct of the organisation aligns with its values and stakeholder expectations.

Our approach is tailored to meet your needs whether to assist with Compliance projects, specific compliance tasks and activities or as a short-gap compliance resource.

Our services include:

  • Compliance frameworks
  • Compliance 1st and 2nd line of defence capability
  • Compliance plans /Obligations management – development and implementation
  • Compliance documentation, manual, guideline reviews
  • Compliance ”business as usual” assistance focusing upon specific tasks and activities
  • Implementation of regulatory change including industry codes
  • License management
  • Complaints and incidents management
  • Breach management
  • Product management lifecycle including Design & Distribution Obligations
  • Smooth transition when introducing new risk management systems, Insurtech or Regtech applications
  • Internal or external (regulatory) reviews and inquiries
  • Remediation of significant breaches or systemic issues
  • Conflicted remuneration