Subject Matter Expert as a Service (SMEaaS)

Whether your business is an Insurtech or Regtech, Underwriting Agency, Authorised Rep, Online Insurer, insurance distributor or other tech innovator and looking to partner with an incumbent insurer it helps to have someone in your corner covering your back.

Imagine if that someone was a qualified and experienced 35 year former Senior Insurance Executive?Ā  We developed SMEaaS so that Paul Muir is part of your team.

What do we provide?

  • We assist you in preparing for meetings with insurers including analysis of attendees, likely questions/issues/concerns and reviewing your pitch and other material so that it is well positioned;
  • We attend meetings with insurers (as required) as an advisor to your business;
  • You can use ‘Paul Muir’ and his personal brand and reputation as part of your pitch to assist with industry credibility;
  • We will review and where required provide amendments to your Privacy Policy, T&Cā€™s etc to meet insurers specific requirements; and
  • provide updates and insights on changes to the insurance industry ecosystem impacting your industry engagement.


But wait, there’s more..

If you have taken up our market research service, SMEaaS is included for 3 months at no additional cost. It didn’t seem fair that we would provide you with our market research and say goodbye. We believe in our market research and we believe in our clients, we want to help set them up for success. SMEaaS has been designed for this purpose.

If you simply want to access SMEaaS as a stand-alone service, no problem, contact us today for a quote.