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Insurers specialising in distributing insurance products and services online are the new breed of insurers meeting the needs and expectations of consumers by delivering insurance products in an efficient, simple & targeted manner. However, the regulatory environment is complex and with outcomes from the Financial Services Royal Commission (Government Roadmap released August 2019); ASIC and APRA’s Corporate plans 2019-23 and the new GI Code of Practice (release January 2020) the pace of change is increasing.

Whether holding their own AFS license or operating as an Authorised Representative, the online insurer typically does not have day to day access to a compliance or legal specialist. The end result is that small problems emerge and remain undetected until a customer is impacted or a regulator or competitor becomes aware.

Compliance Advocacy Solutions reviews your website, privacy, disclosure and other customer documents and tests your sales, chatbot, contact center, complaints and other common processes against consumer laws and industry codes to provide you with a view on your current compliance and the future proofing of your business.

We provide Corporate quality at an affordable price.