Paul Muir

Paul Muir brings over 35 years experience in the Insurance Industry and has a passion for implementing customer focused solutions as well as assisting to strategically solve complex insurance compliance and governance problems and pain points.

Paul understands the impacts of the Financial Services Royal Commission reforms on the insurance regulatory landscape and assists clients with his insights. Paul has a deep knowledge of the impacts of the Government Financial Services Royal Commission Implementation Roadmap; ASIC and APRA’s Corporate Plan 2019-2023; the new GI Code of Practice (scheduled for release in January 2020) and AFCA’s Fairness Project.

Throughout his corporate career Paul has fostered a deep understanding of customer needs balanced against compliance with regulatory obligations and good Corporate governance. Paul can readily identify the gap and conflict between meeting regulatory obligations and customer strategy and he is dedicated to ensuring that organisations develop solutions that can meet both objectives.

Paul launched Compliance Advocacy Solutions when the opportunity to step out of his Executive Management Role with Suncorp arose; allowing him to pursue his true passion and purpose which is to make a genuine difference in the lives of others.

Paul has a strong network of connections to draw upon to enable him to provide meaningful insights to clients. Paul regularly engages industry leaders, regulators, consumer advocate groups and technology innovators, to ensure he remains relevant and across all emergingย issues.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Diploma of Management and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is passionate about diversity and inclusivity, and has a close relationship with Wheelchair Sports NSW as a volunteer and fundraiser – raising over $50,000 in the last 2 years.