1. General

1.1 About these Terms

  1. Thank you for visiting our website, www.complianceadvocacysolutions.com.au (website). These Subscription Services Terms (Terms) apply to your use of the Services Portal, your purchase and/or use of our Services and any communications between us and you in relation to an actual or proposed purchase or use of our Services.
  2. By accessing and/or using this website and related Services, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms. You must not use our website or purchase or use any of our Services unless you are at least 18 years old and have the authority and legal capacity to enter into a legally binding agreement with us.
  3. You must review our Terms carefully and, if you do not agree to these Terms or do not meet the criteria at clause 1.1(b), immediately cease using our website and not order, pay for or otherwise be involved in the purchase of our Services.

1.2 Acceptance of Terms

By accessing, downloading or using the Services, whether or not you register as a member, you agree to be bound by these Terms, which you acknowledge that you have read and understood.  We may change all or part of these Terms at any time. If we do, the new Terms will be posted on this website. Your continued use of the website will constitute your acceptance of any changes. If you object to any changes to the Terms, your only remedy is to contact us using the contact details specified at clause 16 and cancel your subscription to the Services pursuant to clause 6.1.

1.3 Other terms may apply

Please note that other terms and conditions may apply to your use of third party services that are used by you and us in connection to the Services (e.g. the owners of Zoom, being Zoom Video Communications Inc., and YouTube, being Google LLC).  It is your responsibility to be fully informed of and comply with those other terms and conditions, in addition to these Terms.

1.4 Restricted use


  1. accessing this website;
  2. using this website; and
  3. placing, or receiving, an order for our Services,

you represent that you are at least 18 years old and possess the legal right and ability to enter into a legally binding agreement with us and we hereby rely on that representation.  This is an essential pre-condition of you engaging in any of the activities described in this clause.  If you are not 18 years old or cannot otherwise enter into a legally binding agreement with us, you must immediately cease using this website and not perform any of the activities described in this clause in relation to the website and our Services.

  1. Definitions and interpretation

2.1 Definitions

In these Terms, unless the contrary intention appears: