Inside Insurance

How can Inside Insurance help your professional development?

The constant volume of regulatory change can make it difficult to stay across important developments. Our Inside Insurance subscription service provides you with insights, practical tips and analysis of all regulatory and Code change and how it impacts the insurance industry. We do this though pre-recorded webinars and videos where we unpack topical industry regulatory and compliance issues.

We connect the dots and make the complex simple for you. We understand the interactions and inter-dependencies between:

  • The complexity of financial services laws;
  • Regulatory guidance from ASIC, APRA, AFCA, CGC and others; and
  • The GI Code of Practice.

We have worked within the insurance industry in senior roles and provide consulting services to all sectors of the insurance industry. You benefit from our in-depth insurance experience, knowledge and skills.

What will you get out of Inside Insurance?

Inside Insurance provides a valuable and exclusive compliance resource hub, with a specialised focus on insurance. The best part is you can access this service any time or anywhere that is convenient to you by simply logging in to our portal.

How to sign up for Inside Insurance?

You can join the exclusive members hub via our paid subscription. See details here.