Inside Insurance Membership Program

Are you an Insurance Industry Professional, who is fed up and frustrated with only accessing high level industry news, with no insight, analysis or reflection.

Do you find it hard to get relevant answers on specific issues, unique to you, your niche or your role.

I created the Inside Insurance Membership Program, to help people like you to access the knowledge they need, connect with others in their industry and feel empowered to do their best. I draw on my passion for this industry and strive serve you with excellence.

I look forward to seeing you, on the inside.

What you will get in the Inside Insurance Membership Program

  • Information that is relevant, timely and topical
  • Analysis and views on industry issues based upon 35 years of deep industry experience
  • Insights and practical application of managing risk, compliance and regulatory change
  • The option to be personally mentored by an experienced, recognised industry leader
  • A variety of content experiences: webinar,  blog, presentations FAQ, case studies, forum, on-line resources to name a few
  • Insights into how others in the industry are dealing with an issue and the opportunity to share experiences and stories
  • Personal engagement with an industry expert